Reviva Under Eye Dark Circle Serum


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  • Brightening
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Product description

New research has discovered that under eye dark circles in many cases are the results of accumulation of hemoglobin leaked from capillaries. Hemoglobin creates the red-blue pigment deposit under the eye.

The first new ingredient compound that has been developed to reduce hemoglobin degradation is featured in Reviva's new formula. The compound is actually a blend of 4 ingredients: hydroxysuccinimide, chrysin, palmitoyl oligopeptide and pamitol tetrapeptide-3, the coloured degradation elements in hemoglobin are bilrubin and iron.

Chrysin stimulates an enzyme that can clear and eliminate bilrubin. And hydroxysuccinimide makes iron soluble so that it can be eliminated. The peptide elements combine with the others to also help avoid future capillary leakage and protect against further discolouration.Then Reviva's distinctive formula has added other lightening ingredients plus moisturizing elements to help further lighten the area as well as fight puffiness.



Apply under each eye with gentle tapping motions