Pharmanord Vitamin D3 800IU - 20mcg



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Key product features
  • 120 Caps
  • Contains a form of vitamin D (cholecalciferol) naturally produced in the skin

Product description

Vitamin D3 supplements, Bio-Vitamin D3 from Pharma Nord contains vitamin D3 dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil and encapsulated in small, easy-to-swallow “pearls” of soft gelatine.

Vitamin D contributes to normal functioning of the immune system, contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones, supports normal muscle functioning, and plays a role in the body’s cell division and specialisation.

When UV rays hit the skin, the active form of vitamin D is formed. The body’s ability to produce vitamin D is reduced with age, however the vitamin D synthesis is inhibited by lack of sunshine or covering up with clothes. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, young children, elderly people and those with dark skin may also require supplemental vitamin D due to inadequate UV exposure.


Pharma Nord recommends the following... 

800IU - 1-5 capsules per day, or as recommended by a physician.

1,000IU - 1-5 capsules per day, or as recommended by a physician.

5,000IU - 1 capsule per day, or as recommended by a physician.

Short on sunshine? Take action!

The UK government recommends vitamin D3 supplementation for several key groups of people, including all pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, all young children from 6 months to 5 years old, people over 65 years of age and those with low or no exposure to the sun.

Nutrient Reference Values
Vitamin D3 is 5mcg per day. This amount is purely to avoid deficiency and has long been viewed as inadequate, (for more information ask for our leaflet ‘Why the NRV is not enough').