Pharmanord Q10 Toothpaste



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Product Code: 79133
Key product features
  • 75ml
  • •Formulation with co-enzyme Q10 and fluoride
  • •Fresh spearmint flavour

Product description

Q10 Toothpaste from Pharma Nord contains fluoride and co-enzyme Q10 to help look after your oral hygiene. Q10 Toothpaste has been developed as an aid to increasing the levels of Q10 in the gums of patients with gum disease. With regular use of Q10 Toothpaste, the Q10 concentration in the tooth pockets can be maintained at a healthy level. This process is aided by dietary supplementation with Q10.


Pharma Nord recommends brushing with Q10 Toothpaste at least twice per day after meals.

For maximum benefit the mouth should not be rinsed after brushing.