Pernaton Green Lipped Mussel Gel

Natures Aid


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Product Code: PERN2
Key product features
  • 250ml
  • Helps to provide instant relief from the aches and pains caused by normal wear and tear on joints.

Product description

The oil free, easily absorbed and fresh smelling pernaton gel contains vital glycosaminoglycans and original perna extract the special essential element from the sea for the connective tissues of the skin and body. Rub the gel into the skin and feel the cooling sensation and feelings of wellbeing that result then experience the warming and intense increase in circulation that follows.

The glycosaminoglycans have been scientifically studied. Studies show that the elasticity and firmness of the skin is significantly improved and that the skin feels softer, smoother and silkier. As pernaton gel is formulated to aid connective tissue and joint care, it can also benefit sportsmen and sportswomen when used before and after exercise. Safe for professional use. The original green lipped mussel. Made in switzerland.


Not suitable for small children. Avoid contact with the eyes or broken skin. Do not use underneath airtight compresses. Not suitable for people with an allergy to shellfish. For external use only. Do not use after 12 months of opening.