Natures Aid Passiflora, Lemon Balm & Avena Sativa 60 Tablets



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Key product features
  • Natures Aid Passiflora Complex provides 250mg of Passiflora, Lemon Balm & Avena Sativa.

Product description

A gentle formula for gentle people is the best way to describe the most appropriate use of this complex. The quiet person who dislike confrontation, but also perhaps lacks confidence and worries too much is the type most likely to benefit from a combination specifically for anxiety and its secondary effects. It is intended for daytime use, since it wont cause drowsiness, and helping calm an anxious person during the day should help make sleeping easier. The Benefits of Passiflora, Lemon Balm Avena Sativa Anxiety and tension can cause indigestion and mild depression. By addressing the days stress, these associated effects can be managed without resorting to separate remedies for each symptom.