Otosan Natural Ear Drops 10 ml



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Product Code: IT-370T-JYTS
Key product features
  • A blend of natural essential oils to help prevent excess ear wax
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with the Otosan ear cone
  • For all types of ear infections problems
  • Also contains propolis
  • Safe and effective

Product description

Product Description

With natural essential oils and propolis to help prevent excessive ear wax. Prepared on the basis of an ancient herbalist’s recipe and enriched with Propolis, Otosan ear drops are the perfect solution to all ear care troubles. Almond and maize oils with their emollient power, soften the earwax and improve its removal from the ear canal. Essential oils, camomile extract and propolis develop a hygienic, soothing and balsamic action which protects your ear and improves its natural physiological defences. Otosan natural ear drops contain neither preservatives nor dyes and thanks to their natural active principles they can be used by adults and children. Also, people using an external auditory prosthesis since they do not dry the skin and respect the ear’s natural sebaceous physiological balance.


A natural softener facilitating the removal of hardened earwax. Otosan products offer natural solutions to excess earwax.