Otosan Ear Cones 3 Pair Family Pack



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Product Code: P043
Key product features
  • Class 1 Medical device
  • Helps the ears natural defences and build up of excess ear wax
  • XL size for longer burn
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Safe and effective

Product description

Product Description

The Otosan cone is a clinically trialled, natural method, for practically looking after ear hygiene by yourself and without risk. With Bees wax and Propolis. The Otosan cone derives from an ancient popular tradition. This simple, safe and effective method for resolving problems of the ear hygiene at home has now been improved by adding propolis, a natural cleansing substance renowned for its antibacterial properties. The Otosan cone improves the ear’s natural defences and prevents a build-up of earwax, which often leads to problems such as buzzing, hissing or roaring sounds, unbalanced ear pressure, hearing loss and “blocked ear” feeling. The University of Pavia, following various clinical and dermatological tests in its laboratories, released a positive testimonial on the use of the OTOSAN cone. Therefore, thanks to continuous research into the quality and safety of the product, the OTOSAN cone has obtained the qualification of class one medical device.


A clinically trialled, natural method for practically looking after ear hygeine (excess wax, ringing in the ears, pain in the ears) by yourself and without risk.

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