Golden Greens Organic Pumpkin Powder 250g



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Product Code: 69643
Key product features
  • 60% Pure Organic Vegan Protein
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans
  • Non-GMO and 100% natural

Product description

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder… 60% pure vegan Protein. Popular with athletes, bodybuilders and anyone looking for that extra protein boost. It's also high in many vitamins and minerals, and mixes well in smoothies, shakes, porridge and even pancakes!

Our Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein powder is made from ground, cold-pressed organic pumpkin seeds, and that's all, nothing else is added!

Suggested Use: 20g - 30g (2 - 3 tbs) daily. Mix with water, juice or a delicious smoothie