Iron Vital F Tonic 250ml



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Key product features
  • A tasty, easily absorbed Iron in Gluconate form
  • Iron Vital F is a light refreshing and incredibly delicious solution for getting your daily dose of iron.
  • Contains real fruit juices from concentrate
  • Ideal when you're tired and run down, or pale in complexion
  • Packed with essential B-Vitamins,Natural, safe and effective

Product description

Reliable and with no risk of overdosing.

Iron vital places the emphasis on a balanced dosage, so that the risk of an excess of iron and any associated problems for the user can be excluded. But here is no need to worry that there will be no effect at all, as many studies have shown that that even a low dose of dietary supplements will impact on our iron reserves.

Whats more, by consuming small amounts, which are in line with the D-A-CH intake recommendations, there will not be the same risk of problems as there is with large iron doses. In smaller, appropriate doses, the body takes up the trace element easily - too much iron isn't good for an irritated gut. Gut-friendly herbs and fruit concentrates in Iron Vital also help to make it easier to digest.

Iron Vital has good taste.

Iron Vital easy to digest, it also tastes incredibly good. The aroma is fruity and fresh, but not too sweet, and the iron doesn't linger heavily for hours in your mouth. Kids love the naturally sweet taste of fruit. Iron Vital is also excellent for pregnant women, whose sense of taste often go crazy at this special time.

Extras - Vital B Vitamins

Apart from easily absorbing bivalent iron, Iron Vital contains a whole range of active ingredients: health giving plant-based substances and other components, which are of vital importance in terms of nutrional physiology. This includes the following B vitamins:

  • Vitamin B1 improves memory, enery and learning capacity
  • Vitamin B2 is important for physical fitness and the formation and breakdown of red blood corpuscles. This vital substance controls detoxification processes and is essential for healthy skin and mucous membranes.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) is constituent of more than 200 enzymes, and works with them in the cells in nearly all metabolic processes. For example, Niacin has a positive effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • One of the things vitamins B6 and B12 do is help to keep the nerves strong. Vitamin B12 is of special importance to vegetarians, as it present in foods of animal origin, but rarely in plant-based foods.
  • Pantothenic acid (provitamin B5) promotes cell growth and regeneration and is helpful for many skin and hair problems.


In preliminary research, even a subtle deficiency of iron has been tentatively linked to infertility.25 Women who are infertile should consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of iron deficiency.

25. Rushton DH, Ramsay ID, Gilkes JJH, Norris MJ. Ferritin and fertility. Lancet 1991;337:1554 [letter].



Adults 10ml 1-2 times/day. Children (4-12 years) 5ml 1-2 times/day.