Bio Strath Tincture 100ml


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  • Restores energy that has been lost through tiredness and fatique

Product description

Bio-Strath are made to a special herbal yeast formula. A licensed remedy, Bio-Strath has been shown in clincal trials to restore energy that has been lost through tiredness and fatique - for example, when recovering from illness.

Suitable for Diabetics & Coeliac's - Taste liquid - Certfied Vegan & Kosher

The pressues of today's hectic living can take their toll on physcial and mantal well-beingleaving you feeling drained, perhaps irritable, lacking in energy and finding it harder to concentrate. All are outward signs of a weakened immune system that will become more vulnerable, the more pressue is put on the body, Bio-Strath provides a convenient, proven effective way to strengthen resistance to colds, flu and illness, to speed up recovery after illness or debilitating disease, and to help regain and substain good health. Bio-Strath can be taken regularly as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The weaker your immune system, the more noticable Bio-Strath benefits. Bio-Strath a swiss herbal made in Switzerland from a special, highly concentrated extract of herbal yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Bio-Strath's uplifting formula can; combat everyday tiredness and fatigue, maintain resistance, improve concentration, Bio-Strath can be taken by all children over 3 years old to also help compensate for the lack of balanced diet or reduced powers of digestion