Arkopharma Arkocapil - Pack of 60 Capsules



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Product Code: 7L-3EFK-GI22
Key product features
  • Helps to improve hair and nail growth and strength
  • Helps to restore the hairs bounce and shine
  • Combines vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Amino Acids L-Cystine & L-M√©thionine, Biotin and Zinc
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Natural, safe and effective

Product description

Arkocapil Food Supplement

The main constituant of hair is kertaine. This protein confers elasticity resistance and shine. It is synthestized from sulfurated amino acids: cystine, and methionine, thanks to the action of zinc and B-Vitamins group. Keratine is also a major component of nails.

Arkocapil contains a complete formulation with sulfurated amino acids (cystine and methionine), vitamins and minerals. Zinc supports the normal synthesis of proteins, such as keratin, vitamin B8 helps to preserve beautiful soft, shinny and healthy hair. Zinc also contributes to maintain beautiful nails. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails. Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation


Directions for use:

2 Capsules per day - preferably in the morning to be taken with a large glass of water. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.