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Key product features
  • improves intestinal and abdominal comfort

Product description

ARKOGAS is a medical device that improves intestinal and abdominal comfort in people affected by gastrointestinal problems linked to gas formation: bloating, flatulence and abdominal tension.

ARKOGAS is simethicone-based. It improves intestinal andabdominal comfort by preventing or educing discomfort linked to gas formation. Simthicone is scientifically proven to act by reducing the surface tension of air bubbles present in the gastrointestinal system:- it reduces gas, bloating and ftulence (this is a antifoaming effect)- it reduces gaseous shadows in the intestine.

ARKOGAS may also be used for preparation of diagnostic examinations in the abdominal area (endoscopy, radiography, ultrasound scan).

2 to 4 capsules/day.

This medical device is not intended for children and pregnant women.

Medical Device with 515 mg of Simethicone / 2 capsules